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About Shinjo Group & Shinjo International Co., Ltd.

Shinjo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. started as a manufacturer to supply the nuts to automotive industry instantaneously after World War II. We successfully developed the cold forming process of weld nut as the first case in the world, and gradually it evolved to high volume production by cold-forming which now allows us to manufacture 100 million pieces per month.

Besides, due to the demand of weight saving, we duly developed PIAS NUT that fixes to a thin sheet with sufficient strength, thereby, we became the world’s leading manufacturer for its automatic feeding system while expanding our business to Europe and USA.

In 1960’s, we, a specialized company of nut, entered to another category to manufacture male screws for the first time in screw manufacturing history, meanwhile we acquired the patent of self-drilling screws that had been newly introduced to the market at that time, in order to respond to the mass-production by the same cold working. We named it PIAS Screw that hailed around the world with its high-quality evidence.

In 1990’s, we successfully developed an innovative Bi-Metal Screw, the first product in the world that a stainless steel drilling screw drills into the steel sheet, called PIASTA, was instantly spread all over the world.

Although it is natural that a follower comes up in every industry with their innovative products with the times, however, as above, Shinjo Mfg. Co., Ltd. continues to develop innovative products to meet the world’s needs under our company creed, but not limited to that, we are confident that the reason that enables us to maintain its position as the first leading company in the market is a result of our never-ending effort to pursue higher quality improvement and to sharpen its management ability.

At the moment, Shinjo Mfg. Co., Ltd, as a Shinjo Group, takes in charge of nut manufacturing, and QP Fastening Works Co., Ltd. takes in charge of screws. Being responded by the recent globalization, in the view of the world’s standpoint and its management decision towards the future as a group, we decided to establish Shinjo International Co., Ltd. to move on to the next stage of the world.

We, Shinjo Group, manufacture and sell the world top class products. However, we believe that it is more important to meet the demands of the times and enhance our capability. For such purpose, we are willing to be more open minded to the world and do hope that Shinjo International Co., Ltd. will contribute to the world being as a bridge to the future for mutual profit.

Company Profile

Name of Company
Shinjo International Co.,Ltd
Isao Shinjo, President
Date of Establishment
July 1, 2014
#501 SKK bldg., 1-7-22
Utsubo Honmachi, Nishi Ku, Osaka, 550-0004 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6444-5777 
FAX: +81-6-6444-5778
Number of Employee
Date of settlement period
December 31
Sales, Export and Import of various fastener components such as screws etc., fastener machineries, and the relevant raw materials/manufacturing tools/measurement equipment/packing materials etc.

Profile of Affiliate Companies

Name of Company
Date of Establishment
February 1959
17-6 Mokuzai-cho, Kishiwada-City, Osaka 596-0011 Japan
Manufacturing fastener components (Bolts/Nuts),
component supplying equipment and pressed component equipment.

Milestones of Shinjo Group

Year Shinjo Mfg. Co., Ltd.
(Kishiwada Factory)
Shinjo International Co., Ltd.
(former Shinjo Mfg. Co., Ltd., Direct Trading Division)
QP Fastening Works Co., Ltd.
(former PIAS Sales Co., Ltd.)
QP Fastening Works Co., Ltd.
(former Kyushu Shinjo Co., Ltd.)
1943 Started the business in Nishinari ward, Osaka City      
1959 Established the company with the capital for JPY1,800,000      
1962 Started the mass-production of square weld nuts      
1963 Stated the mass-production of PIAS Nuts      
1964 Started the operation of Kishiwada factory      
1970 Main factory moved to Suminoe ward, Osaka City    

Moved the factory into the current Head Office premises

Being responded to the increased demand of weld nuts for automotive, trained several employees in the parent company.
1972 Established Kyushu Shinjo Co., Ltd.     Established a company in Osaka with the capital for JPY5,000,000
1973       Started the production of weld nuts in the half-built No. 1 factory
1974       Moved the Head Office to Kagoshima Prefecture
1979 Started the mass-production of PIAS screws (Drilling tapping screws)    

Shinjo Mfg. Co., Ltd. started to sell PIAS Screws.

Increased the capital to JPY73,000,000, purchased the current Head Office premises, and started the development and manufacturing of PIAS screws.
1982 Established PIAS Sales Co., Ltd.   Established Pias Sales Co., Ltd. as an exclusive sales agent of PIAS screws  
1990 Started the mass-production of PIASTA screws (Bi-metal PIAS screws)     Successfully developed and started to manufacture ‘’ PIASTA’’ of bi-metal self-drilling screw
1991 Developed self-blind rivets      
1994 The 19th Invention Grand Prize awarded      
1995 Established ARNOLD & SHINJO GmbH. Co., KG in Germany     Appointed Toshihide Kariya from Managing Director to President, and Hirokazu Kariya from President to Chairman
1996 Obtained ISO9002 certification      
1999 Obtained QS9000 certification      
2001 Concentrated the whole nut division to Kishiwada factory      
2002 Obtained ISO14001 certifiation      
2004 Established P&S Co., Ltd.      
2005     Pias Sales Co., Ltd. took over the PIAS screws related business, built the sales structure, and started the development and manufacturing of Clinch Bolt ‘’CHECKLE & SYSTEM’’.  
2007 Obtained ISO/TS16949:2002 certification      
2007 Established Shinjo Viet Num      
2009     ISO9001 certification obtained together with Kyushu Shinjo under the registration number JQA-QMA-13897  
2010     Osaka Prefecture Manufacturing Blue-chip Company prize 2010 awarded  
2011     Established a Pias sales branch office in Tokyo  
2013     PIAS Sales Co., Ltd. & Kyushu Shinjo merged and named it as QP Fastening Works Co., Ltd., started the integrated businesses.
2014   Established Shinjo International Co., Ltd. on July 1st as a subsidiary of Shinjo Mfg. Co., Ltd.    
2015 Built a Rinkai Factory.      
2016 Yugengaisha Shinjo Seisakusho (Shinjo Manufacturing) was changed to a holding company called “Shinjo Holdings”.
Shinjo Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been newly established to handle manufacturing, technical development and sales.
2017 Obtained IATF16949 certification